Day Zero 4.0, Going Free

Day Zero

Since the initial release early 2013 more than 50.000 people have actively been using Day Zero. Now we’d like to introduce you to the next iteration of Day Zero. It’s a major improvement on all fronts, including an improved design, better support for iPad, a complete under-the-hood overhaul to make the app more stable, and we’ve added some gorgeous new backgrounds for you to choose. And best of all, Day Zero is now free (with limits).

We’ve completely redone Day Zero for iPad and Apple Watch. The iPad should now feel and behave like a real iPad app, not just a larger iPhone version. For Apple Watch with the introduction of watchOS 2 we’ve updated the app to become native. Resulting in a significant performance improvement.

You can use Day Zero to count down to specials events like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, and more. And now count up from events in the past. And share your countdown with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or save the image to your library.

Download the new version

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